Abhipsha Das

Student, Researcher, Learner

Former research intern at IIT Kharagpur, NIT Rourkela. Mentor in Learn IT, Girl '19.

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About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my virtual home. This site is a simulacrum of my hippocampus, and a parentally approved peek into my life. I am a final year computer science and engineering undergrad, an ardent admirer of scientists, and a wary internet trekker. I have spent the last three (and possibly many more) years of my life reading and sharpening my brain in order to dauntlessly tackle the greatest evils of our day, namely: dismissive professors, judgmental peers, well-intentioned but poorly behaved relatives, and twitter antagonists.

Along the way I was fortunate enough to hit upon some things that I can proudly claim as my "passions", as all humans are expected to possess. Some of these are very gray matter oriented and sciencey, like artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural langauge processing and quantum computing. Some others are very popular yet cumbersome to my parents, like politics, poetry-writing and dystopian prophecies. They do approve of cooking though.

Before I get carried away and start unravelling in my own "about" section, this is just to say: I am an inquisitive and dedicated student. I have completed two research internships in my undergrad and am working to get them published currently. I am carving my path for a future in AI research.

I am open to any research internship/apprenticeship/assistant opportunities in machine learning/AI research. I am also open to full-time employment opportunities that require machine learning skills and experience in computer vision/natural language processing. Besides these, I am very interested in software development and can pick up skills quickly, and I am willing to dive deep into the requisite skills if the job provides the space to learn and grow as I learn.


Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Summer Research Intern

  • Building a video description generation system for a self driving car by extending image captioning methods
  • Comparing the performance of 5 different image captioning architectures on the Flickr8k, Flickr30k and MSCOCO datasets
  • Supervisor: Dr Pabitra Mitra

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Winter Intern

Image captioning using CNN-LSTM architecture with and without deterministic soft attention model on the Flickr8k dataset. Supervisor: Dr Pabitra Mitra

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

Summer Research Fellow

Conducted research on automatic gait event detection using unsupervised machine learning to assist in clinical gait analysis and identifying normal and pathological human gait

  • Compared performance of existing heuristic based algorithms for event detection
  • Applied clustering algorithms for automatic gait event detection using motion capture data collected from Microsoft Kinect v2
  • Supervisor: Dr Anup Nandy


International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar

Aug 2016 - May 2020

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering


Gold Price Prediction using LSTM

  • Stack: Python, Keras

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Image Captioning using encoder-decoder architecture

  • Stack: Python, Keras
  • Dataset: Flickr8k

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Comparing classical and quantum computing approaches on Breast Cancer dataset using SVM

  • Stack: qiskit, scikit-learn
  • Dataset: Inbuilt Breast Cancer dataset on qiskit library

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Image Segmentation using UNet architecture

  • Stack: Python, Keras
  • Dataset: BSD300T

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